Gateball Friends

Gateball Clubs and Associations Worldwide

The World Gateball Union (WGU) – The world governing authority for Gateball with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1985 and has currently 16 WGU members.

Gateball League

The Gateball League comprises of country representatives from Belgium, England, France, Germany and Switzerland and forms the steering committee providing governance of gateball in Europe.

Kroket Gateball Sud

The Süd Eifel Gateball Club started in 2015 in Rheinland- Pfalz. The venue for practice is mainly at Gransdorf and in the village Hall during the winter.


The Wolfsburg Gateball Club is the first gateball club in Germany created in 2006 during the WGU visit. They practice at VfR Eintracht Nord Sports Club and also at the  Kreuzheider School Sport Center.


The Hamburger Gateball Freunde in Germany is a group of players which practice croquet and gateball at the court residence of a player in Quickborn, just North of Hamburg.

Gateball Beaune logo

The Gateball Bourgogne Franche-Comté in France is officially recognized by the French ministry as the training center for gateball sport.